Crime Prevention Solutions



To achieve the best outcome we provide a bespoke service to each client assigning consultants with the relevant skills and expertise that match client requirements.


Unlike traditional security companies which are product driven our approach includes:

  1.  a full appraisal of your risks and concerns
  2. raising your awareness of crime risk and vulnerability
  3. providing a range of solutions underpinned by behavioural change that reflects your specific safety and security concerns.

As a client of our services it does not end when a task is complete, we pride ourselves on always being there for you now and in the future.

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Crime Prevention Surveys

Whatever your needs we can provide you with a bespoke crime prevention survey containing a mix of preventive solutions to reduce your level of risk.  This service is often used by clients who are moving home and want to ensure that they are adequately protected for the future.

Personal Safety Reviews

If your 'lifestyle' or 'public profile' is causing you concern regarding the safety of your family we can provide you with a highly confidential service delivered by our former police counter terrorism security advisor.  This service can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of vulnerable groups such as sporting clubs. 

Planning Application Pre-App

Increasingly developers are required to submit Crime Impacts Statements as part of the planning application process. We are highly experienced in providing this and can assign one of our ex-police Crime Prevention Design Advisors (CPDA) to complete this work for you along with other environmental crime prevention design advice.

Building Regulations AD-Q : Security Dwelling

If you require support regarding the standards required and confirmation of compliance with AD-Q we can provide this service for you.

Building Regs AD-Q

Secured by Design (SBD)

Our ex-police crime prevention design advisor supports Police Crime Prevention Initiatives Ltd (PCPI Ltd) in the delivery of Secured by Design to UK Police Forces.  If you are unable to obtain local police support or have unresolved issues regarding SBD we are here to support - just give us a call to discuss.



Many commercial developments are required to achieve BREEAM compliance and seek to achieve the credit for security.  Our Suitably Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS) can provide you with the Security Needs Assessment (SNA) you need and support you throughout the process

HEA 06

Built Environment Design (CPTED & SBD)

Our consultants have extensive experience of working with planners and architects  in the design of the built environment utilising Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles and can provide advice at the design stage and throughout the planning process.

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