Crime Prevention Solutions & Training     -     (Updated May 2018)

Our Services

Crime Prevention Surveys and Risk Analysis

Dependent upon your requirements we can provide crime prevention surveys of existing commercial, industrial and residential sites that take into account current and potential risk, offender profiling with an assessment of existing security system provision and processes affecting security.

No job is too small or too big!

Crime Prevention Training

Delivered by Home Office approved Advanced Associate Trainers we can exceed all of your crime prevention and crime prevention design training needs.

As part of our growing programme of training we can provide bespoke training programmes that meet your specific needs all at a very competitive price.

Subjects covered include:

  • Principles of Crime Prevention
  • Why Crime Occurs
  • Business processes and crime
  • Security systems and Lighting
  • Environmental Design
  • Carbon Cost of Crime
  • Crime Prevention Surveying
  • Signals Crime Perspective
  • Environmental Audits

Counter Terrorism Protective Security

Helping you to understand what you can and should do to protect yourself from terrorist or activist action that could cripple your business.

In doing so we will explore your risk profile and advice you on sensible cost/risk commensurate measures that you should take.

Safer Lifestyle Coaching

This is our newest offering, which we developed out of our successful business crime prevention survey risk analysis product and is exclusively aimed at people such as footballers whose lifestyle leads to themselves and their families being victimised.

What became very apparent was that it was often the way that people interacted with their environment that increased their level of vulnerability, but because they were too close to the problem they were unable to see what the issues were.

Much to our surprise we found that by developing new approaches to problems we were able to come up with solutions that not only reduced previous impacts but also gave the people concerned increased confidence in dealing with other crime and security related issues as they emerged.

This approach is probably the most bespoke of all our offerings and really does involve very close contact with the people affected and as such will only be available to a select group of clients.