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Security Upgrade Independent Assessment

Why is it so important to get an independent assessment of a quote for a security system?

All too often we find systems have been over specified and are not commensurate to the risk or indeed fit for purpose, here is a short example.

Our client called in a security company to upgrade the existing CCTV and fencing following an expansion of the site. They put forward a proposal for a 16 camera CCTV system with security fencing and a perimeter intruder detector system, cost c£50K.

The customer was not sure so called us in to carry out an independent assessment, we concluded that only six additional cameras were needed and that there was no need for the perimeter intruder detection system to be replaced; there was an old system in place that had been switched off about 10 years ago due to an unacceptable level of false activations.

At the request of our client we met with the company to explain our rationale, which although not particularly well received they had to accept that our findings were fully justified.

System cost was reduced by £16K which after our fees left our client with a £14.5k underspend.