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About Us

CripSol's principal consultant David Lancaster is recognised in the UK and Canada as a crime prevention expert with experience working with police forces, government, other agencies and business; specialising in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, Counter Terrorism Protective Security and other commercial and public protective services.

Trained at the United Kingdom Home Office Crime Prevention College he was selected to undergo specialist training at Security Service HQ in London and was successfully appointed as the Counter Terrorism Crime Prevention and Industrial Security Officer for Northamptonshire Police, later becoming the force’s first Counter Terrorist Security Adviser working with Police Special Branch officers assessing risk and advising businesses and key infrastructure site personnel on all matters regarding terrorist and animal activist crime prevention.

As a specialist in crime prevention design and counter terrorism, David has provided protective security advice during the development of International Rail Freight Terminals in the UK and Canada and completed an independent assessment of the a Business Improvement Area in Vancouver British Columbia Canada.

David also provides crime prevention and counter terrorism protective security advice to the Lions Gate Risk Management Group in Canada.

Currently engaged as a licensed Secured by Design Consultant for Police Crime Prevention Initiatives Ltd David has received chief police officer commendations and most recently in March 2018 was honoured in receiving the Crime Prevention National Lifetime Achievement Award from the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire.

Other members of the team bring a plethora of experience in designing out crime, counter terrorism and crime prevention, all working together to meet your very specific needs.

We are immensely proud that we have developed a new way of taking care of your safety and security needs through enabling you to take control and not be totally reliant on systems.

Most of the businesses and people we have helped relied far too heavily on systems that were not designed to succeed with many being over-specified simply to elevate the cost.

Here at CripSol it is important to us that you fully understand where your vulnerabilities are, why they have occurred and what you can do to reduce the impact and we will do all that we can to work with you to ensure that you are able to manage the risk.

All too often we find that it is a lack of awareness or understanding that increases risk, which when explained and followed by 'changes' in the way that you do things or through addressing the deficiencies in systems; immediately minimises or in some cases completely eliminates the risk.

It is that process of change that we will help guide you through.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service possible.



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